You Can be Mended

I saw a quote the other day that I wanted to share. I looked back at the original talk, called “Broken Things to Mend” by Jeffrey R. Holland and realized the entire talk was pretty amazing. I love Jeffrey R. Holland anyway, but was thankful for the nudge to go back and read this talk.

The quote I saw was, “If you are lonely, please know you can find comfort. If you are discouraged, please know you can find hope. If you are poor in spirit, please know you can be strengthened. If you feel you are broken, please know you can be mended.”

I know there are times when I feel down and think there just isn’t any light, or there is no way to get out of my slump. There are negative feelings that I struggle with sometimes that just snowball into a black hole. Satan loves this, because once he’s hooked our mind into his trap of negativity, he can keep you from realizing you can pray for help. This is why it is so important we learn to control our thoughts. If we can realize when we are slipping into a mindset contrary to the Spirit, we can stop it before it gets out of hand. There are medical exceptions to this where more assistance may be needed, but there is no harm in practicing positivity. Learning more about our Savior and His Atonement for us can also aid in strengthening our abilities to fend off the adversary in his attempts to trap us. Jesus Christ will always have his hand outstretched, ready to comfort, give hope, strengthen you, or mend you. Never let Satan allow you to think otherwise.

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