I was looking through some general conference talks from last year, looking for a specific one that talked about how the members aren’t called to callings because of their efficiency in that area, but because they can be given an opportunity to grow. I’m sure Spencer knows who gave it, but I can’t think of it off the top of my head right now. I was searching for it because I think we often criticize or judge those placed in callings who “can’t” do it right or “shouldn’t” be there because they just don’t have the training or aren’t efficient enough at it. This particular talk had addressed this and how important it was that we weren’t concerned with top-performing efficiency status in our wards, but instead with how people are doing spiritually, giving them the opportunity to serve and grow. I thought it was in the talk from David A. Bednar called “Meed and Lowly of Heart” from April 2018. It wasn’t, but I couldn’t help but read through this talk, as it pulled me in and I felt strongly about writing about it and creating a digital download. This is one of my favorites!

Elder Bednar gave a quick description for us- “Meekness is a defining attribute of the Redeemer and is distinguished by righteous responsiveness, willing submissiveness, and strong self-restraint.” How often do we need to exercise strong self-restraint? I am a mom, so… all the time 😉 Luckily I worked retail management for a long time and had A LOT of practice! I always try to be submissive to the Lord, putting pride aside and doing as I’m asked, but I’m not perfect at it. I also know I am terrible at righteous responsiveness, as most the time I feel like I’m just thinking to do something silly in my own mind instead of following a prompting. I have a lot of work to do, no doubt. But that’s why I feel like this talk was perfect for me right now. I love the message Elder Bednar shared when he said, “The Christlike quality of meekness often is misunderstood in our contemporary world. Meekness is strong, not weak; active, not passive; courageous, not timid; restrained, not excessive; modest, not self-aggrandizing; and gracious, not brash. A meek person is not easily provoked, pretentious, or overbearing and readily acknowledges the accomplishments of others.” Sometimes I focus too much on what the world thinks about me. I care about the way I look or if I’m liked. I have worked with people who have encouraged me to do wrong things because that’s what an “independent” woman would do. Meekness isn’t something to be ashamed of. People may not understand it, but it is a divine attribute we desperately need in these latter-days. I hope we can work to be more meek as a people. Pride will tear people apart and away from their Divine Parents. Meekness will bring them together and turn them towards their heavenly home.


We got a calling in our ward finally! We are teaching 11 year old Sunday school, which I was a little nervous about because I haven’t taught that age before. They are so fun, though! We are excited to work with them. I’m thankful I have the chance to do a calling again, as it’s been a while since I’ve had one. The kids are very positive and happy, despite some major challenges. One kid just went through a house fire and their family had been moving between places to live while it was getting fixed. They still showed up every week since in their Sunday best. Another girl was back from being with her mom and was now in our ward for a few weeks with her dad. It seems like separated families are becoming more and more common. I understand it’s necessary sometimes, it just is sad to see kids deal with it. Some handle it better than others. I think the Lord and angels help a lot in these situations. Both these kids were very polite, willing to listen, and participated in class. I already love them. I found this quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf from his talk that I really liked- “We can choose to be grateful, no matter what”. Gratitude is a choice and an attitude we can have when our heart is in the right place. Maybe that’s why kids seem to have it more, they are closer to God in many ways. I hope I can be more grateful for the things I enjoy and blessings I have. Not only do I want to be grateful, but I want to use my blessings to bless others whenever I can. That is kind of the thought of Latter Day Box. We wanted to bless people’s lives. We could have done any business, but we wanted to do something positive that would help people want to grow their testimony of Christ. Any growth like this is sure to help in life, and we need all the help we can get!

Sweet Hour of Prayer

These last couple weeks have been challenging with Lily being sick and trying to keep up with making some changes to the business. I am grateful for good people around to help when things are difficult, and I am also thankful for the power of prayer. Spencer and his dad gave Lily a blessing last week. I have always had a love and respect for the power of blessings. I feel like it’s a special prayer magnified by the power of the priesthood. More comfort has come from blessings in my life than any other type of prayer. Lily got over her sickness (finally!) and we’re getting back on track now. She also got her first bad skinned knee. She took it like a champ!

I really enjoy being her mom, even though I’m at my wits end sometimes trying to keep everything together.

I have found I pray a lot more as a mom. I pray for Lily. I have a deeper love for family, so I pray for them more. I have a deeper love for other’s children, so I pray for them, too. I’ve seen some of the horrible things the world can do to kids and I just don’t get why they have to suffer so much sometimes. It breaks my heart, so I pray for them. I pray for my husband more than I used to, because I know how much he means to Lily and his happiness is important to both of us. Overall, I have found I pray more.

I’m sure many of you pray a lot, too, and this download is perfect to hang to remind you of the gift and power of prayer. It is sweet to commune with our Heavenly Father, and I know He loves to encircle us in love and comfort when we turn to Him.

Faith in Every Footstep

Mother’s Day is upon us! I am blessed with a wonderful mother, mother in-law, sister, sisters in-law, and tons of other women who are examples to me of Christlike love and charity. I am especially grateful for a mother who taught me so much as I was growing up and even still today. Moms have many Christlike attributes, but one that has stood out to me the most recently has been that of faith. Mom have so much to think about, worry about, and deal with, that utilizing faith is the only way to keep sane it seems! Moms show faith in Christ as they try to teach children correct morals, work to be examples to others, and in handing over worries or trials to Christ. Trusting in our Savior has become more necessary in my life as a mom. I worry about Lily’s health or if we’re making the right decisions for her. I try to seek inspiration to be aware of her needs. I feel like those who don’t have children do this with others, which is amazing! Many women do this with those they minister to or even with those they’re neighbors with. I hope I can display that type of faith with those around me as well as with my own children. I have a download for you that is perfect for a closet or entryway that has the quote “Faith in Every Footstep”. I love the song, and you can listen to it here or watch it below!

Be Still

This week we celebrated Easter with a wonderful program from our ward choir at church, then got back into the swing of things with Spencer starting up school again. Things get pretty chaotic with school, a toddler, and a business, especially with the load Spencer is taking on to finish his degree as fast as he is. I am thankful for the opportunities to grow and learn through the business and being a mom.

We started taking Lily to the pool recently, too. The first time we went, school was out for the day and there was a birthday party. Let’s just say it was busy. When we went today, it was much less crowded. The water was calmer, it was easier to navigate around with Lily and not have her get splashed or knocked over. Even though we can find joy and even fun in the chaos that comes along in life, I savor those still moments (as most parents do, I think!) where you can relax a little and enjoy the present.

This week, the digital download is of one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite hymns, “Be Still My Soul”. I hope you like it and can find joy in the chaos of life, but savor the lack thereof we are sometimes offered other times.

Sunshine and Smiles


We have had lots and lots of sunshine around here recently and we have been LOVING it! Lily has been enjoying the outdoors and loves rocks, grass, trees, birds, and potato bugs.


We hope you are finally getting some sunshine where you are, too! We also had a bit of rain around here a couple weeks ago and a beautiful double rainbow right by our house! Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a picture… BUT I have this adorable digital download for you that totally reminds me of it. Whether you have rain or sun, there is beauty to be seen and appreciated. Enjoy!

rainbows 8x10 with logo


rainbows 5×7

rainbows 7×5 

rainbows 8×10

rainbows 10×8



Spring Is Here!

Spring is here!!!! Maybe some of you don’t feel like it is, but it is officially HERE! I can’t lie, I love the winter months with the beautiful snow (if we get it here) and warm coats, but Spring means sunshine, flowers, and birds. Lily and I spent most the day yesterday outside enjoying the almost 80 degree weather. It was a nice change! Spring also represents a rebirth to me, a time when life is given a new chance to come forth again, new and more vibrant than before. When it’s talked about life having seasons, I like to think of the “Springs” I’ve experienced in my life where I’ve had sunshine after a long darkness or warmth after cold. Spring brings hope. It’s appropriate we have Easter, where we celebrate the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Through Him we are able to change. Through Him we can be reborn. Through Him we find warmth, light, and life.

This download is one of my favorites. It’s perfect for Spring! May we always be ready to bring kindness, light, sunshine, and love to those around us. Happy Spring!


Scatter 5×7

Scatter 7×5

Scatter 8×10

Scatter 10×8


Scatter 8x10 with logo